Denise Midstokke Photo

Denise Midstokke, LM, CPM

Denise started her midwifery career in 1980 in the Santa Cruz Hills of California. Herself the mother of three children, Denise has felt passionately about her calling as a midwife from the beginning of her career. Denise opened her Sandpoint practice in 1985 and has since delivered hundreds of happy, healthy babies in the area.

Denise is certified with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife and is also an Idaho Licensed Midwife. When Denise isn’t busy catching babies, she enjoys the beautiful Idaho outdoors via kayak, bike, or hammock, and hunkering down to knit.

Rachel Dolph Photo

Rachel Dolph

Rachel joins us as a student midwife and is very excited to be serving and supporting the community. A Sandpoint native, Rachel spent ten years in Western Washington, and has been back in Sandpoint and working with Pend Oreille Midwifery for three years! Having attended over 200 births and completing her midwifery education, Rachel is pursuing licensure this year and will continue practicing in Sandpoint upon receiving her license!

Rachel is a homebirth and VBAC baby, and a passionate natural birth supporter. She is a musician, a foodie, and an adoring aunt to three beautiful nieces and the handsomest nephews.

Lisa Christman Photo

Lisa Christman

Lisa is certified with the AAHCC and has been teaching childbirth classes to families in North Idaho and at our birth center for many years. Lisa is a Bradley Childbirth Educator and Certified Doula.

Lisa is the mother of three boys and lives with her husband north of Sandpoint, where she maintains a fabulous garden.

Stacey Mueller Photo

Stacey Mueller

Stacey came on board as our Office Manager at the beginning of 2018 after moving here with her husband and son from San Diego, CA. Stacey’s organizational skills and attention to detail helps our office run smoothly. Along with managing several companies, Stacey has spent the past 25 years devoting her efforts to help philanthropic visions.

When not in the office, Stacey continues to pursue her passion to minister to others through prayer, counseling, and biblical studies. In her minimal spare time she loves hiking, fishing, and enjoying sharing life over a cup of coffee.